My New Scion xB

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Well, I picked it up on Friday with Angela and my mom, everything went over extremely well, except to get a license plate, you have to pay 6% sales tax on the car… and it cost over $800 to get a plate on it… Other than that, I’ve been driving it a fairly decent amount, […]


Apple Customer Support

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So I haven’t been writing a whole lot recently, because I usually do so from my MacBook… However, a week or so ago, I was in my Microsoft Server class, and we were all packing up after the review for the final exam, and I smelled something… burning. I didn’t think much of it at […]

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My Soon-To-Be New Car!

On May 3, 2008, by
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So I’ve decided that the Jimbo (1993 GMC Jimmy) just isn’t going to cut it for me anymore, it gets about 12 miles to the gallon, if I’m lucky, it takes me about $60 to fill up the tank, and thats gone in just two or three days… Everything has been going wrong with it, […]


Seven Year Old Steals a CAR?

On May 1, 2008, by
Posted in Uncategorized “I want to whip his behind?” Are you kidding me? That kid… oh, I don’t even know where to start… And the CHILD; thinks he should be banned from video games for a weekend? WHAT? For one, a seven year old really shouldn’t be playing too many video games, at least not that much […]



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